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“Volunteers do not necessarily have the time; they just have the heart.” — Elizabeth Andrew

Volunteering is a noble tradition in America. It is to give of oneself; to sacrifice with no expectation of reward.

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PVRS Trains With Norwood Beach Lifeguards

Potsdam Rescue members frequently interface with other local agencies during medical emergencies. Many times these other agencies provide initial care why PVRS responds. During the summer local residents take advantage of many of the local watering holes. PVRS conducts hands-on training with lifeguards to ensure good care of injured people…

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Congratulations to new EMT-cc and EMT members!

PVRS would like to congratulate new EMT’s Joe Adrasik and Jake Lazore and new EMT-cc Jill Bellucci. Joe and Jake we look forward to running with you in the back. Jill is a long time member and has worked long and hard to obtain her critical care certification. We thank…

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EMT’s Train With Potsdam Fire

EMS and fire work closely in a number of ways. One of the ways that EMS supports fire is by providing medical coverage at fire scenes. Injured firefighters pose a challenge in that they are literally covered in protective gear. Fast access is essential to provide essential medical care. In…

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