At the September 6th, local Lions meeting, Potsdam Lions Club former President, Joseph Fitzsimons (L), and Potsdam Lions Radio Weeks Chairperson, Amanda Prescott, (R), presented Potsdam Volunteer Rescue Squad Chief, Tim Rivers (Center) with a donation check for $4,100.00, from the Potsdam Lions Club and the donating Potsdam Business Community . The funds raised will be used to purchase and upgrade the Rescue Squad’s Life Packs, which equipment is used by every rescue worker, to sustain human life by monitoring the patient’s vitals while being stabilized. This donation contribution is only a fraction to meet the high cost of updating their emergency rescue equipment. Thank You to B99.3 Radio, General Manager, John Winter and morning radio host, Vinnie Dalton, who generously provided creative, courtesy radio advertising for the donating businesses. Tours are provided to the public, to view the Potsdam Volunteer Rescue Squad facility and rescue equipment, upon request. They have been serving our Town of Potsdam for over 60 years.



Congratulations to Daniel Eng and Rebecca Faber for completing their nursing degrees. Dan is a current EMT-B and Rebecca is a former member. fc5aba59-b226-46b3-9309-17e8b7fd4d51

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